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Best Affiliate Marketing Programs To Join

Recently I wrote a blog post on How To Blog And Make Money, In that content, I mentioned Affiliate Marketing as one way to make money from a blog. I didn't really go Into full details of Affiliate Marketing, perhaps, I've now prepared best affiliate marketing programs list which you can earn decent commissions from.

Affiliate Marketing Is a rapid business used by most bloggers to generate Income to their blogs. I've noticed that some bloggers prefer to monetize their blogs with affiliate networks rather than ads networks like Google Adsense.

Before we go through the list, I'll love to Introduce affiliate marketing just Incase of newbies.

What Is A Affiliate Marketing..?

Affiliate Marketing Is an online based and offline based business, where a person will promote a product for a brand and some commissions are paid to the promoter when people buy Items or product through the promoters link.

As an affiliate marketer, you'll choose the product that will be beneficial to your audience. Affiliate Marketing Is really easy when you have a website or blog because you can simultaneously tranform your subscribers to buyers.

Top best affiliate marketing programs

  1. ClickBank -
  2. I have never seen an affiliate marketing platform like clickbank. Although I never promoted any product for them, this Is because clickbank has country limit.

    Clickbank Is availiable In some countries but not In Nigeria. They have thousands of product for any Niche you are Into. Their commission rates are very high, even higher than Amazon Associates.

  3. ShareASale -
  4. ShareASale Is also among the top affiliate networks to join. Their payment threshold Is $50. As an affiliate marketer for shareasale, you'll select a merchant, then work to drive traffic to the merchant website with your affiliate link.

    Commissions are paid to the affiliate through sales made with the affiliate referrals.

    They pay their affiliate on a monthly basis.

  5. Amazon Associates -
  6. Amazon cannot be underestimated. Ranging from their commission rates to fabulous products available. Amazon pays 10% commission on each sale you make.

    Amazon setting up a Grosry store In the upcoming year 2020.

    Amazon has a huge collection of products like Books, Electronics, Body-Ware and what have you. Join today and start earning..

  7. -
  8. TailWind Is a dream changer for affiliate marketers. On the long run, It can rapidly Increase your affiliate sales. Tailwind Is good for active Pinterest users.

    TailWind Is a good scheduler for pintrest users. It has a 30 days free trial which enables you schedule over 400 PINs.

    Having created your PIN, add your Tailwind affiliate link to your post and begin to PIN to the most relevant boards on pinterest.

    Anytime someone signup with your link In the pin, you'll get $0.50 and 15% commission when they upgrade their plan from free to paid.

  9. -
  10. This Is a pay per lead (PPL) Income platform. You'll be rewarded handsomely with $3.0 for every unique signup you get from countries like Australia, New ZeaLand, UK and Canada.

    wrapping up best affiliate marketing programs

    With my researches, I hope my list above are some of the best affiliate marketing programs to join. You might have heard of some other companies, you can explore them and choose the best that will work for you.

5 Best Affiliate Marketing programs tips

  1. Affiliate Marketing Is critical sometimes. When you have a blog or website, It can reduce all the stress. You can paste your affiliate links and banners within your blog posts or HTML section so that your audience will know the products you offer.
  2. Banners works very well, get a graphics designer to help you build a banner and put little description of your product on It so that people will know what you offer.
  3. Use video sharing platforms like Youtube to share a short video of the products you are selling. Since youtube Is opened to people from all walks of life, your sale will automatically boost on the long run.
  4. Share your affiliate links with your families and friends on social and also on forum sites, note that some forum don't accept affiliate link sharing, so read their privacy policy so that you won't get banned.
  5. Best Affiliate Marketing Programs Tips To Boost Your Sale

    2. Let people know who they are buying products from. This days, people fall victim of scam and affiliate link sharing Is not enough untill you disclose your true Identity. You can make a video of yourself so that people can see you In visually.
    3. Find affiliate programs that pay high commission rates of about 10%. Companies like ClickBank, Amazon Associates and ShareASale pay high commission rates to their marketers.
    4. Place affiliate links and banners between blog posts and In the HTML section of your web page.
    5. Write a detailed review or tutorial about the products you are marketing, In your review or tutorial, tell your audience how the product can be useful to their lives.

    Relationships building can be done with Email listing, It's one of the best affiliate affiliate marketing programs tips that can help you grow your Income stream.

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