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Keywords Everywhere Extension - The Ultimate Keywords Tool

keywords everywhere extention which was a free keywords research tool, now became a paid keywords tool since 1st October, 2019 after their system was attacked by some unknown hackers. During my early years of blogging, I made use of keywords everywhere extension to conduct my keywords researches and honestly, It Is a very great tool which anybody can use.

Before I further my writing, I'll love to Introduce myself, I'm Frank Chuks the former CEO of and you are welcome to my new blog.

As a newbie In the blogging world, you'll probably want to know more about keyword reserch... Don't you...?

Keywords are word/phrase or search terms that people enter into search engines like Google while looking for an Information. keywords everywhere extension tool will help you find the right keywords for your blog or website which will automatically drive In web traffic from search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo (organic traffic)..

Keywords everywhere extention tool can be Installed both on Chrome and Firefox. Before you can access keywords everywhere, you should download Yandex browser here from the Google playstore. Once you have downloaded yandex browser, you can follow the steps below.

how to set keywords everywhere extention on chrome

Having downloaded and Installed yandex browser, then:
  1. Lauch your newly downloaded browser, In the search box that you see In the app's home page, type In then hit the search button.
  2. From the next page, a search box will appear at the left hand side of your phone, type In the search bar then click on Add to chrome.

    Now, you just have to wait a few minutes for the Installation and once this Is done, you'll be granted access to the next page.

  3. Get ready to receive your keywords everywhere extention API key by entering your valid email address then tap (Get API) button.
  4. Once that Is done, check your email Inbox for the API link but If you didn't see the message, check your spam folder you will see It there.

  5. Having confirmed the email message, click on the link In the message sent to you. From there, copy your API key.

    Once you copy your API key, go back to google then search anything you wish. for example (how to make money blogging In 2020)..Once google opens, click on the 3(three) column dots down the menu.

    A menu will appear, scroll to Extension, select keywords everywhere extention. Select settings, from there paste your API key then validate.

Once you have done this, congratulations, you have successfully Installed keywords everywhere extension on your device.

how to use keywords everywhere extension

At this stage, you are done Installing keywords everywhere extension. You can do It both on Chrome and Firefox.

how to find relevant keywords with keywords everywhere

Go to Google, search for a keyword you want to rank. example: how to make money blogging In 2020, Once Google opens, click on the 3 (three) column dots below your yandex browser, select extension.

From the top menu, select keywords everywhere extension which you Installed ealier.

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Having done that, select analyze page.
Once the page Is analyzed, the result for keywords you searched for will appear.

At the beginning of this post, I said that keywords everywhere Is now a paid tool. Meaning that you are going to pay before the search volume of the keywords can appear.

You can make over 100,000 keywords researches with only $10..

Notable Qualities Of Easy To Rank Keywords


2.Long-Tail Keywords

For Instance, If you pay the keyword fee, this Is how the page will appear..

After the search volume has appeared, look for keywords that have a search volume of 880 - 1000.. This type of keywords have less competition and often times only few websites are awear of them.

Copy the entire keywords line like the one In the Image above.

Having copied It, now go to Google, paste It Inside the search box, then hit the serach box. Now you should look carefully, count the numbers of websites that have used the same keywords. Usually, they are always very few..Once that Is noted, you can use the keywords to write your blog content.

Perhaps, If the number of sites are much, kindly make another research because you might not rank higher In search result page (SRPs).

Long-Tail Keywords:

This are keywords that are 4 - 8 keywords phrase, they are not competitive and they are not frequently searched for.. Example: Buhari On A Trip To London.

How To Use Keywords

The keywords must be added to the first paragraph of your content wrapped with Italic or bold tags.

You will use the keywords only once In H1 (heading tag) and also use It multiple times In H2 and H3 tags depending on how lengthy your content Is.

You will use the keywords at least 7 times In your article, depending on how long your content Is. The keywords must be In the last paragraph of your content.

Look for keywords that has over 300 searches a month.

Concluding: keywords everywhere extension

When using keywords, always take note of your competitors website, check If the keywords Is correctly taged. If the keywords does not show as a blue link on google, then automatically, the site Is unware of the keywords..

About Frank .O Chuks

I'm Frank ex CEO at I'm a student, I love writing for clients on the web.


Jay said...

Baba is Yandex browser working now no
..great post anyway

Frank .O Chuks said...

JAY: Yandex
Browser has been working
since day one and It
helps to Install
keywords extension
which was attacked by
harkers perhaps the
system has been restored
and Its perfect now..��

Jay said...

I swear it's now working Thanks fansnet

Frank .O Chuks said...

I research before I publish any content.

Thanks for the complimentšŸ˜˜

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