How To Make Money Online In 2020

All thanks to technology. In this age we are In, one can actually sit at home and still make money. You can be sleeping and also be making money at the same time. This sounds ridiculous right..?

Today, there are alots of opportunities to earn money online, some of which are full-time or perhaps you want to work part-time, there are many options loaded down for you to choose from.

Way back In 2019, I tried making money online with Surveys, but all to no avail. To be Frank with you, the only online job I did successfully was Blogging. I monetized with Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing but along the line, I sold the blog after evelen months.

How To Make Money Online In 2020

As the year begins, I'll provide a list of lucrative jobs that pay you to take part In.

This is year 2020 and It shouldn't be deplorable for you due to lack of money.

  1. Take Part In Paid Surveys

  2. Paid Surveys are pure ways to make money online. You can make around $50 a month just by taking part In surveys.

    You do not need to pay any money before you take part In surveys. Online Surveys generally take upto 15 to 45 minutes to complete. Most big sites pays around $1 to $3 for each task you complete successfully.

    Between 2017 to 2019, I tried so many site perhaps I see myself quitting because of the time to complete a single survey. Most times, surveys may not be available In the location you are living In.

    It's kind of discouraging...

    If you are patient enough, you can make huge money online from paid survey. Don't be discouraged by my expiriences, just give It a try and you'll see the quality rewards.

    Look out for Privacy Policy on the website. It's conspicuous when you navigate the site. Read through It so that you won't make mistake on the long run.

  3. Start A Blog

  4. A blog on the other side Is a webpage that Is regularly updated. It usually contain written contents targeted to some audience across the world.

    Blogs are great tools for sharing your feelings, thoughts and expiriences to people from all walks of life.

    All you need to do Is to select a profitable Niche/Topic you wish to share to the world. You can equally blog about anything you want.

    Setup your blog with one of the best tools online. Such as Wordpress, Wix and Jomla. But you can build your blog on It's totally free of cost. Thats exactly what I'm using.

    The next step you take Is to get a Domain name. example: Instead of , that does not look professional.

    Blogs are great for work at home moms, dads and teenagers. As long as you have passion for blogging, you will become successful In that lite If you follow some commom blogging rules.

    How Do I Monetize A Blog

    The most common way of monetizing a blog Is through Google Adsense , Affiliate links , selling advert space and also selling your own products on your blog.
  5. Start A YouTube Channel

  6. Over the years, alot of people became millionaire just by running a single Youtube channel.

    Youtube Is the most active social media platform In the world. It's being used by people from all walks of life.

    Ryan, an eight years old boy became rich and famous because of his channel. On Ryan's channel, he gave reviews of latest children toys.

    If you are good at dancing, singing, talking or anything good, then Youtube Is sure the best place for you. Your video does not have to be 100 percent professional, simply make your videos are brief and It must contain relevant answers that can solve your audiences problem.

    How Do I Monetize A Youtube Channel

    It can be monetized with Google Adsense. You can help brands advertise their products on your channel. Once your channel Is famous, you can help upcoming Youtubers advertise their channel on your channel.
  7. Affiliate Marketing

  8. An affiliate marketer Is someone who promote a brand or companies product using a link, when purchases are made through the link, you get compesated.

    If you are looking to take Affiliate Marketing as a full-time job or as a plus to your Income, look out for affiliate companies that pay atleast 10% commission on each products you sell.

    Companies like ClickBank,Amazon Associates, ShareASale, CJ affiliate are some of the trusted companies out there. Choose the one that suit your lifestyle.

    wrapping up: how to make money online In 2020

    Be very careful when choosing an online job. My list above are 100% legit ways to earn big online. Be very vigilant so you won't fall victim of scam.

    You need quality time and patience If you want to be successful. Rome was not built In a day, so don't expect to see quick result. Do It with passion and you'll surely see the rewards.

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