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A SKILL is something you learnt or master through experience. Most people often get confused on the differences between a skill and a talent. Meanwhile, talents are God given gifts. Talent(s) are given to humans by nature. Talent aren't something you go out to acquire. Your talent are naturally embedded in you.

Few people discover their gift/talent in their early age, while some might discover it later in their lifetime and some person's die even without discovering their talent.


A skill set is something you offer to the market place in exchange of money. A skill set is quite different from a job.
"Say you are a content writer, offering services to clients on a market place like Fiverr or UpWork; that is what a skill set is all about..
No matter the company or organization you are working with,no matter how much they are paying you, but you see! Your skill set is what is going to give you that financial confidence."

A qoute from a motivational speaker. What he said is so Paramount that I now introduce him and i'll let him speak for himself. He said;

"You salary is the bribe they give you to forget your dreams"
I'm sure you heard that. Kindly pause and think about it for a little while.

No matter what you are really good at, no matter your current age, race or the community you live in, you can always monetize your skill set. The world is evolving alongside with technology. You can do anything online even uncommon things.

How To Monetize Your Skill Set

  1. is one of the world's largest market place for freelancers. You can offer any kind of service you are really good at. Ranging from content writing to graphic design, programming, web design and development, public relation, search engine optimization, mobile app development and lots of services to be rendered to clients across the world.
  2. Say you are a dancer, singer, comedian or an instructor who want to monetize his/her skill set, social media platforms are widely opened to billions of people around the world.

    YouTube, Facebook and Instagram can be used to access information in visual form while podcast could be used to pass relevant information via audio aid.

  3. Say you are a writer, someone that writes stories, poem, how-to articles about a particular niche. You can monetize them by publishing E-books which can be sold on your own website or blog at any price. You can also sell worldwide by publishing your book on a website like Amazon, on the long run, your book can fetch you some cool money.

Have you heard of SKILLSHARE! You can share your skills with the world using that platform. You can also learn over hundreds of skill set there absolutely for free. Just like UDEMY, you can learn from experts and you can also become an instructor.

Alot of people around the world use their skill set to feed their family. When I see fashion designers, I feel that they should also be regarded as celebrities, because even foreign celebrities are now wearing Ankara made by Nigerians. You see, a skill set is what is going to give you that peace of mind and courage. A skill set is what will keep you going even of the organization or cooperation you're working with decide to send you away.

It's very unfortunate when a person learns a skill without leveraging it.

Wrapping Up

Try your possible best to acquire a certificate at the end of any training you enroll in. That won't be a problem because literally, almost all organization issue certificate upon completion of any course..

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