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5 Lessons I Learnt In My 2 Years Of Blogging Experience | fantwik

Currently there are about 1.74 billion websites in the world wide web. And out of these huge number, only 600 million are blogs. Few days ago, I wrote a blog on how to create and park a free domain name in Blogspot, you should probably read the blog.

When the Internet is flooded with huge number of websites/blogs, site owners struggle to make their site appear on search engine result pages (SERPs), when a keyword phrase is searched for. It is the dream of every blogger to see their blog appear during searches. But this dream won't come through unless the blog is well optimized for search engine optimization (SEO).

Few days ago, I came across an advertisement on Facebook, I read through the comments embedded within the ads which was displaying the monthly reports of a successful blog. A Facebook user residing in Indai wrote this:

" I applied for AdSense few months ago and my blog was rejected, I don't understand the technical part of AdSense. I don't think I can make revenue from my blog again! "

This is one big problem every beginner face. We all think that Google AdSense is the only source of revenue for bloggers. But I'm here to clear off the misconception ravaging every beginners mind.

There are so many ways to earn money from your blog, this may include:

  • Ads network like Google AdSense, and Infolinks.
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsored posts (This is when a blogger writes about or give review of a product or services of an advertiser)
  • Selling of private ads
  • Selling of digital products such as WordPress themes and plugins, E-books, Online courses, Apps, images and videos and what have you.

5 Lessons I Learnt In My 2 Years Of Blogging Experience

  1. Write Evergreen Contents:

  2. evergreen contents are contents that live very very long on the internet, even in the next 20 years people are still searching for the keywords. I've also learnt that I should try to choose quality over quantity. meaning that it is very okay to write high-quality content every few weeks than writing low-quality content every few days.

    Quality contents is one of those criteria your blog must meet before advertising networks such as Google adsense would consider before your blog would be eligible to start displaying their ads to your users.

  3. Practice SEO:

  4. This is by far the backbone of your webpage. Without practicing SEO, your blog will come short. SEO practices may include:

    On-page SEO practice: This are the practices that are done within the site. It goes along with Keywords research and analysis, writing of effective headlines and heading tags, title tag and meta description improvement alongside with internal linking

    Off-page SEO practices: This practices are done off the site or outside the site. They include sharing of links on social media sites like Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter and many others.

    Backlinks: This is the presenc of your blog Univeral Resource Locator (URL) on another person's website.

    URL submission to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex.

  5. Try To Show Your Personality:

  6. Honestly speaking, your readers do not care about you. I know it sounds harsh perhaps that's one Paramount thing you should know before starting your blog.

    You only have to show your audience what you are made off by giving them the best contents as possible because that's what their most passionate about and not you the content writer.

    up I could remember few years ago, my own friend said my blog (fansnik) won't go far but still yet, he made use of my contents. My blog was a hit in school and I made some penny with Google AdSense.

  7. Build A Mobile-friendly Site:

  8. When you're planning your blog, tell your web designer to give you a mobile-friendly theme because it makes site navigation easy.

    Nobody stays too long on a website that takes time to load. You should have in mind that this days people use their mobile phone to access the internet than their computer.

    A webpage which is supposed to convert may end up loosing a buyer due to poor navigation and design of the site.

  9. Make Use Of Google Analytics:

  10. You cannot underestimate the power of this tool. You can track your audiences activity. You can track what device your users are using to visit your blog. You can track whether your blog is converting your visitors to potential buyers.

    There are still many good features of Analytics. You can take Google Analytics For Beginners course which is absolutely free plus a certificate upon completion of the course. You'd have to take the exam every 12 Months so that your certificate would still be vaid.

    Wrapping up:

    I hope my experience would teach you some morals. Being a blogger can be daunting. I also learnt that using stock images can hurt your search ranking. Professional bloggers like Neil Patel and Dean Brian hired a professional graphic designer to do their work. Quality images also play a vital role in site ranking.

    If you want to use free stock images for your online business or website, you can checkout as the site is loaded with over 1 million stock images free for use.

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