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How To Create And Park Free Domain Name in Blogspot - (.gq .tk .ml .cf .ga) | fantwik

As the year gradually wraps up, fantwikblog presents a fresh article. Even if it takes a little while longer before we update our blog, we sincerely apologise for that. That said, I want to show you how to park free domain name in Blogspot (.tk .gq .ml .ga .cf )...You can create and park any of these domain name in any platform perhaps this write up is for only Blogspot users across the world.

Setting up a custom domain name is really a good thing to do. It is a technical part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A custom domain name give your blog/site a ravishing look.

Lets say you create your new blog, and the parent URL is (, you can make this name short for your target audience whenever they want to visit your site.

What about something like www.choppeehub.GQ or www.choppeehub.TK, they sound more professional and its more convenient for your users. So now lets get started.

How to create free domain name in Blogspot (.tk .gq .ml .ga .cf )

First off

Before you take any step further, I'd assume you already have an active email account. Gmail or Yahoomail! Anyone will do.

  1. visit with any web browser on your Android phone or computer. In the search box that appears, type the name of the domain which you wish to create.
    eg then hit the Check Availability Button.
  2. After a little while, freenom would tell you if the name is available or not. If its available click the Checkout button on the top right corner.
  3. From the next page, select the period at which you want your domain name to last. It could be 12 months @ Free, having done that, click the Continue button.
  4. Freenom will want you to verify your identity, so you'd put your valid email address because a verification link would be sent to you, then hit Verify My Email Address Button.

    Open your email message, locate the message from Freenom, click the verification link attached to the email.

  5. From the next page, you'd fill out your details below, thick Terms and Conditions, Complete Order should follow suit.

Congratulations babe! You have successfully created your domain name and now, it's time to park it.

Once your order is completed, click on Client Area to park your newly created custom domain name.

How to park free domain name in Blogspot (.tk .gq .ml .gq .cf )

Scroll down to Freenom Services, click My Domain. This page would display all your created and parked domains on freenom and also your domain management.
  1. Click on the settings icon as you can see in the picture below.
  2. From the next page, select Management Tools >> Nameservers. Its time to create a custom name servers for your domain. Using as an example.
  3. Your nameservers 1 should be and nameservers 2 should be Having done that, click on change nameservers to save your settings.

  4. We almost done. Open your web browser and and type your blog URL then hit the search button. When your blog opens up, click the search bar to copy your blogs URL. This time you should have something like (

    Go back to Freenom Client Area >> Management Tools >> URL Forwarding >> put your site URL which you copied earlier. Select your forwarding mode to Redirect (HTTP 301 forwarding) and save.

Final Thoughts: how to park free domain name in Blogspot (.tk .gq .ml .ga .cf )

After some minutes, you can now try to see if your newly parked domain name is active. So instead of , my visitors can now access my Blogspot blog with

You can only park one domain in Blogspot. Incase you want to Monetize your blog with an ads platform like Google AdSense, then you should buy a domain name like .com .xyz .net and any other domain as long as it isn't a free domain name.

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